Broken sobs left his lips as the pangs of hunger grew stronger and stronger.

Whatever was left of his humanity…

It was hardly due for a longer stay.

The departure of his former essence was clinging to that heart of his, yet, as his mind became further and further shattered by the realization of the awful truth, his soul became twisted and corrupt, heart as black as the coal used to keep campfires burning.

Cold, bitter, frosty tears, ravaging his face as the harsh winds blew past him, carrying off the spirits of the restless dead that lay all around him, butchered, massacred, by his own hands. Stained with chunks of human remains. Ligaments, tissue, bone…coating his body like paint. Choked wails leaving his throat as he felt the most forbidden of meals, what was left of it, dribbled down his teeth, jaw, and chin.

Eyes sunken into deep within the dark recesses of his sockets, he surveyed what was left of his now dead compatriots. Body parts strewn about like grotesque party streamers. Splattered, smattered, all over the surrounding trees.

The snowy surroundings caused his tall, gaunt, deathly pale figure to tremble and shiver, quaking from the severe lack of warmth. His body had long since crossed the point of recoverability, and now in the territory of permanent emaciation, skin riddled with scars, looking less and less human by the second, he became more and more akin to a hairy, unkempt, bestial nightmare. A demon. A devil.

No return.

Solace? Gone, dashed away like those he himself, with his long, claw-adorned fingers, dashed away. Dashed away their lives. Their chances at perhaps seeing a way out of this frigid, icy hell. He would surely never be afforded such a luxury. This was his domain now. His realm.

Eerie, ghostly, milky white orbs, buried within the former man’s skull, suddenly went blank. Having lost any and all semblance of personhood. Now…now they were just predatory ocular organs, staring forward, always, searching eternally for the next forbidden meal.

In the next town over, a pained, ghastly roar could be heard. One that shook the residents to their very cores. The last utterance of a man…before a monster took over. For good.


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