You came from out of nowhere,
Spreading the disease of your
Kin back home, poisoned by the
Same wretched ideals, the same
Urges for domination and devastation,
Determined to beat it unto us
Like you beat it into them!

Yet we weren’t having it, and
We instead decided to resist!

Rage built inside your heartless
Vessels, and you showed us how
Much you were angered and pissed!

Grabbing the spirit of our home
By the throat, and ripping it out
Of its rightful place, your only
Aim left was to rape and pillage
Until there was nothing left
But smoldering ash and dust!

Extinguish the life from the land we knew
And roamed since before time
Had come to be!

The sounds of your jackbooted thugs
Go marching on upon the mass graves,
Your empire built upon those that you made bleed!

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