I hate everything that you fucking stand for,
The very embodiment of everything I abhor!

Claiming to know anything about this,
Always trying to hijack it, and it makes me goddamn pissed!

Don’t come here with your bullshit rhetoric,
Laughable nonsense about “blood and soil”!

How the gays and the blacks are evil,
And how we’ll be free through endless toil!

You, too, want to wrap the ligature around Her neck,
Pull hard on her already dying throat!

Contrary to your claims of the opposite,
We all know you, too, want to see Her croak!

Despiser of all things wild and free,
Nothing in common we have, you and me!

Perpetuator of the machine that chokes life itself,
Your desire is to drag all of us into a trap that leads straight into Hell!

I’ll grab that fucking rifle of yours, because to your heart,
A fatal blow must be viciously dealt!

Enemy of freedom, deluded by ghosts that haunt your head,
Taking aim against Nature, it’d be better if you were fucking dead!

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