It’s your land, is that right?

By what decree? Who gave it to you, for you to cut up and vivisect and tear, and kill off folks who already lived there, then say they don’t deserve to be there, declaring them outsiders from their own homes? From what source, were you given a “divine right”, to purge the wildlife, flora and fauna alike, so that you may build your grotesque empire of life-denialism upon the bones and blood of those who you deemed to be inferior because you hate difference and loathe what doesn’t conform to the inanity of your false god?

By what logic, are you able to justify sectioning off the Mother, splitting her up like the atoms you split to one day vaporize cities? Because your skin color says it is your very duty? So as to reap the benefits of sheep who are easily swindled into playing your game for you? Or that they weren’t making use of it, but now you will (making use of it being code word for raping, pillaging, poisoning, murdering, exterminating, etc., etc.,)? To foster a shaky culture whose foundations are built on the ideals of hard labor, consuming and producing, mindless activity suited for drones and robots, not the living, breathing, and feeling? Protective of the “riches” hidden there, eager to start up another wrecking ball, another belching engine of disastrous intentions?

By what delusion do you think that all of this is yours, and yours alone? How did you come to the conclusion that it can all be doled in whichever way you please, to whoever you want? And if they don’t make that imaginary list, right, then clearly they don’t deserve to be there, correct? Push ‘em out, yes? Your fake little numbers weren’t branded onto them in this specific area from birth, so, I guess they can’t step foot here, huh? What, y’all don’t like it when cattle from different ranches interact? Silly me, how could I forget; you think them worse than the walking meat piles you sell into slavery, don’t you? Don’t you?

By what array of prophetic visions were you able to decide that them merely marching onto land that is far more precious than price tags, names, zoning regulations, imaginary lines ignored by the smarter non-human relatives we trample on so callously, blood that calls itself better than any other shade of red, entitles you to beating them down, locking then up, abusing them, hunting them for sport, and declaring them worthy of only constructing the Leviathan you masturbate to in your head of dull dreams and unimaginative aspirations? Especially since most of them were hear first…but you don’t want everyone else to know that, right? And if they did, well, those savages didn’t deserve it, did they?

By what grand mishap did you declare movement and connection to the ground ones walks upon itself, via the partitioning of an entire world, was a crime, that expression of freedom in its purest form?

It’s your land…is that right?

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