You’ve got the wrong idea,
It ain’t the world I hate,
My love of this planet is so big,
For it my own grave I would dig,
Really it’s just all the people crawling around on it!

We’re reaping what we’ve sewn,
The biggest blunder ever produced,
Deserving of being cast into the dark unknown,
Forget our hopes, forget our dreams,
Empty out those empty heads
And get ready to congregate with the dead!

Chasing what we fear the most,
Shaken to the core that we won’t infinitely go on,
But it’s gonna happen; it’s we’re made for,
No one will cry when our species is long gone!

Taking everything for granted,
Even our very selves,
All we touch turns into a nightmare,
Five digits are corrosive to all that breathes!

Even ourselves,
It’s unavoidable,
What are we to do…?



Arrogance flows in your veins,
The trust and regard thrust upon you
Drives me nearly insane,
I’d like to take away
What was bestowed by
Red-stained hands,
Turn it on your brain,
Epitome of what a crooked culture
Managed by a bunch of vultures
Considers to be a man,
Need to see your jugular drain,
Pride of everyone’s town,
Lauded by even those
That should hate your guts,
In your deranged attitude
Your family drowns,
Hard-on for dealing abuse,
More than those you kill
For dealing your drugs,
The country’s biggest supply of ignorant thugs,
We remember what you did in Texas,
I recall, too, what you did in Philly,
Go into a hood or trailer park,
Beat down and rape those shoved into the dark,
Trusting you seems more than a little fucking silly!


I’ve seen you around before,
Jerkoff who used to trash
What this is
And what it
Meant to me, and others like me,
But now you’re creeping in
Through the revolving door,
Yet I doubt you’ll stay
Past a year or two
Once it’s stopped being
Fashionable for you,
Hijacked by folks who
Don’t know, and likely
Can never know, this thing that
Keeps me alive…


It’s a matter of fact that I’m going to snap,
Leave it all behind and vanish
Deep into the middle of the night,
Never to return; why the fuck should I?
You’re already aware that I can’t hack it,
Pointing it out like I don’t know,
The only difference is I’m gonna embrace
It on one of these dreary days,
Just uproot altogether and go!
Weeks are long, months are
Eternities; I miss those spaced out so far,
Since I feel closer to them, those that
Understand; your attempts to know me
Have fallen hilariously flat!
As I write, I’m making my peace with this
Decision I’ll have to make and keep,
I won’t say goodbye the hour I leave,
Just a note and a room full of memories!
My eyes water as I await more grueling months,
Yet I assure myself I just gotta suffer a bit more,
Then after this last slog, I can run away and be done…


Millions of warm bodies surround me,
Yet I feel so distant and cold,
It doesn’t get better than this,
Or at least that’s what I’m told!

But in my time spent out there,
T’would appear I’ve come to disagree,
Day by day, night by night, I’m
Shocked by how unhinged they prove to be!

Can I really count myself
As another one of you,
Would I, embracing the so-called reality
Of my existence, feel it to be true?

Love; it’s what I’m told to
Meet you with, as one of my theoretical “own”,
Freely give it out and dole,
However, I find it difficult to love those
Who so clearly lack a soul!

It hurts to breathe,
Very well may suffocate,
Damned to live and die as one of them,
Bitter tears roll as a result of my bitter fate!

Condemned from birth,
I feel like a walking hearse,
Getting shoved into this species is a curse,
“Neigh!”, screams my heart to these destroyers of Earth,
So I’ll just walk away and leave you to burn,
Even as you roast, I doubt you’ll learn!


I’m aiming at the forehead,
Cutting right to the culmination
Of our ongoing misery,
Getting revenge for all those nearly dead
Via this campaign of esoteric extermination,
These shots will be the truest sounds of liberty!

Packed my shovel just for this occasion,
How long has it been since an attempt this brazen,
Deck this palace with the blood and bone
Of a trio of failures botched right from the get go!

And as the blood drains from the jugular,
Into the void go these three newcomers,
Staining their palaces, the color palette forever changed,
Justified, all of this is; how can you condemn this rage?

Let it be known, this isn’t for you,
My hands didn’t press down on the windpipe
For what you think is “right” or “true”,
Acting alone, I am; only I made the choice to decide!

Where do we go from here
Now that we no longer hear
The roaring sounds of self-righteous jeers,
Burdened no more by conjured-up fears?

Time to drink up; it tastes so good,
How I savor the taste,
Intoxicated there I stood,
Not letting it go to waste!

From these ruins, to which end
Shall my weary feet tread,
Gazing upon all of the dead,
Is there no limit, is infinity
My newfound friend?

O’, I can breathe; o’, what a relief…

And now I stare out into the void,
Chances of a new hope are destroyed,
Undone by my hands with the greatest glee,
No “calm after the storm” into which you can flee,
So don’t question me about an end goal,
Just hold on tight to your very soul…

Nights full of dreams,
Days full of delight…


You’ve been possessed for so long,
I think even you have forgotten
Who the fuck you are,
And now you’re drowning
Neck deep in a sea of shit!

Can you even say you enjoy it,
Or are you just so used to
Being the whipping bitch that you
Simply can’t break the habit?

Just another statistic, reduced to a
Mere casualty, victim of a swindler
Who leeches upon all life nearby,
Yet how much fault can you
Not be at, when it seems you
Knew what the fuck you got into!

Would you live solely for this,
Or a more apt question, I think, is
Could you kill for it?

I think we all know the answer,
Sell your soul to that cackling master,
Craving its affection while it calls you
A stupid bastard,
Left to wonder when the abuse will
End; but we both know it’s you it
Will gleefully kill!

Now you lay as a rotting husk,
Eyes rolled back, now only
Seeing eternal dusk!

It’s a toxic relationship,
Yet you can’t bring yourself to leave,
Perhaps you’re a masochist, or so
Self-loathing, you feel unworthy of reprieve!


It’s something you’ll never get
But it’s what I’ve come to expect,
Locked inside of a limited lair
Of tangled bullshit and mangled truths,
Unable to comprehend what’s outside,
Yet I doubt you’d even care,
Lecturing me on what “real love” is
While I doubt you’ve ever felt it,
Eager to tell me why how I perceive my own self
Is wrong and wicked
As you lock your entire being in a cage,
Condemned to be boxed in, another
Groveling slave; fueled by bigotry you can’t
Even explain, and a falsified rage,
Now ask in your empty head,
For your sake as well as mine,
Are we really the ones to blame?


I’m tired of having to placate
And dance around your sorry ass,
This is now, motherfucker,
Not a century ago,
You’re living neck deep in the past!

But it wasn’t any good then,
It damn sure wasn’t,
Give it another go again,
Smash apart all your so-called friends,
Well then be my guest; I’ll watch from the sidelines,
Laughing and shrugging!

You’re nothing but soldier boys
Who march up and down in unison,
Don’t bother me with your idiotic noise
About how you’re supposedly different!

Maybe I’ll put my boot in your face
To shut you up for good,
Always eager to invade every space
Only to leave behind trails of misery and scorched wood!

I’m a traitor, a proud infidel,
A heretic of the worst kind,
Hocking a loogie in your face
While you accuse me of slander and libel…