Murder minded,
Stomach turned into
A cemetery,
Intestinal tract is
Where they’re all
Fucking buried,
The mere thought of
Giving it up, to you,
Seems so fucking scary!

Your appetite is
Built upon genocide,
Lacking any discipline; just
Consume whether it’s grilled or fried,
Not brave to consider the families
Rotting away inside of your gut,
And you scowl at this mention,
Too neck-deep in the mud to
Give a fuck!

Walking graveyard
Sustained by death,
To live you must steal
All of their breaths,
How you salivate at the
Blood on your plate,
More and more is all you crave,
Needing constant murder to satiate!

Don’t preach shit to me
About liberty,
Yammering about oppression
When you demand that
They shouldn’t be free,
I don’t wish to hear it,
Excuse after excuse,
Championing control,
Perpetuator of woe,
Enjoying the abuse!

Such a fucking man…

Look at all that crimson on your hands…



Dulling minds
To the horrors outside,
Keeping us locked in a cage,
Quelling that well-justified rage,
Going after those condemned to die
Under the veil of a blackened sky,
Acting like the law that you
Claim to hate,
Lynched bodies
Of the disenfranchised
Hang in your wake!

Another slew of kids
Cross your path,
More women coerced,
Feeling your wrath,
Pushing poison to the ones
Who frolic with the same gender
Under threat of a gun,
Eager to see ‘em all get fucking done!

I’ve had enough of trying to
Understand your side,
Claiming to fight the system
While aiding them
In goddamn genocide!

So many are crushed under
The weight of your boot,
Painting yourself as a hero
When really you’re a dictator
That we need to fucking shoot!

Preying on your people,
Viewing them as cattle to
Rake in dough from while all
Strung-out and feeble,
Not allowed to condemn you
While you rape and pillage
Land and communities
Just to turn it into another ruined village!

While the powers-that-be,
Your co-conspirators,
Can lie to my face
About who and what it is you are,
My eyes clearly see you’re a disgrace,
And I think that your oppressive ways
Have been allowed to go too fucking far!

I know you’d shoot me for this,
Because my words are true,
Even your clientele fucking hate you,
Damn that makes you rabidly pissed!

Expel the profiteer who keeps you down,
Bash the bloodsucker that wants you in the ground,
Whether they be legitimatized or not,
Don’t your lives be sold and bought!


I’m lurking around in the darkest corner,
Near this presence, no coat could make you warmer,
An inevitability you can never escape,
The fear itself makes your heart falter and your bones ache,
Where shall you go and flee to?

Here I am, waiting here,
Patiently standing as a conclusion draws near,
A birth cannot happen without me first,
For blood to flow, quenched must be my eager thirst!

I’m never going to be gotten rid of,
Try as you might, I’m the below that reaches above,
My hand holds the blade that cuts through all things,
And my crows will peck apart what decays as they all sing,
What do you think awaits you?

Eyes watch, hollow and black,
Life’s containment allows me to seep through the cracks,
But if things must grow,
I must clear away what grows old!

Seeds must sprout
Upon which is now
Forgotten to time,
Never again, to stand and rise!


Antlers covered in the blood of another
Who thought they could just slaughter
In this holy place the beast and their own
Have always known to be home,
Entrails decorating sharpened bone like a crown,
Hooves trudging through the blood
That drips upon the ground,
Eager to bring back another trophy
So it could be mounted on the wall,
But now their insides are mounted
Upon a cervid’s head, the would-be killer forced to crawl…

Teeth clasp around the throat,
On the blood, the bastard chokes,
Several pairs of jaws from the pack
Dismembering while the trespasser’s on their back
Claws digging through the chest
As the fucker’s laid to rest,
Spilling guts while they eat,
Life’s liquid leaves the body and slowly depletes,
Dirt stained red,
A potential killer dead,
Jugular is leaking,
Blood junkie no longer fiending…

Beaks peck at the sockets
Of a scumbag with shells
Nestled in their pockets,
Slumped up against a trunk
With the roots growing ‘round their ankles,
Body long since having long been slumped,
Food for the little ones that nibble at the flesh,
Delighted to have food so fresh,
Flora and fauna nourished by the dripping crimson,
Having foiled another scumbag’s mission,
Branches and bark having made their incisions,
And those who don’t partake
Gaze on appreciatively, for this specimen that tried to
Walk among them was never, to them, ever great…


You say that the rambunctiousness
And discord is little else but
Pure, jumbled mania, carnage
Without rhyme nor reason, thus
Violent; these are all true, yet it
Is the meaning of freedom, of being
Unchained, living like wolves
Rather than automatons…

Declare, you do, that the opposite,
That foul imposition of control,
Of symmetry, understandability,
Congruency, sensibility, is the
Real way of things, but outside of the
False constructs, I find this idea to
Be sorely lacking in any
Validity at all…

Pipedreams are required to even gain a
Mere sliver of a chance of fulfilling the
End goal of this inane desire, this utopian
Need for stability, boring and dull stagnation…

Outside of the idiocy of charlatans and frauds,
An individual can gaze all around and find
Zero trace of its alleged existence, for outsiders
Balk at the idea of being steamrolled over for convenience…


Now I ain’t gonna bullshit you
And tell you shit ain’t bad!

That a better tomorrow’s right up ahead,
So don’t be so down and sad!

Look outside, look all around,
Gaze upon this sorry state of affairs,
Can you look me in the eye without a hint of deceit and
Honestly tell me you aren’t scared?

Hope! O’ how I wish I could,
But I’d have better luck at the end of a rope!
Woe! Does hope, even the smallest chance, do me good
As the suffocating reality starts to constrict and choke?

Death is always grinning
Just around the corner,
Perhaps as a friend or a foe…

Cheerfully waving from its position,
That old and frightful, mysterious,
Enigmatic bringer of both chaos and order,
Idly standing by, head tilted to the side,
Waiting for our only chance to be forever blown…

Point is, things are looking rough,
So hard to try and remain tough,
You’d rather give up and die!

Don’t let em win,
No matter how hard they
Wear you thin,
I’d say it’s still worth a try!

Any act of rebellion, no matter
How grandiose or how small,
Will serve to make you that much
More free from the chains that
Bind you and me, so do yourself, not
I or anyone else a favor; heed that urging call
To use your fists, and in any way you can,
Cause the system to become beaten and battered…

Push back, whether it be
Internally, via the spirit,
Or outside, with words and fists,
As you’re set into overdrive,
Due for a meltdown, reaching a limit,
Let ‘em know how much you’re fucking pissed…

Forget hope, forget any kind of future
Promised by crimson swindlers and
Apathetic, unimaginative losers!

Do what thou wilt, seize the smallest chance!

Devils we are, devils we’ll always be, so let’s do a devilish dance!


Wound up in a body bag
All so you wouldn’t get
Called a little fag,
Riddled with holes like Swiss cheese,
Bodies piled high
As you beg, plead, and cry,
Never again to see that home
Who’s dick you were told to give a little dome,
And here you are, dead from your desire to please…

Is this what you wanted?

Is this what you needed?

I guess not…

Destined from day one,
Another doomed fuckin son,
Told to be a slave
And send some to the grave,
Building up that hate,
Fellating away (what’s so fucking great?),
Yet couldn’t explain why
They should all just die…

Because you knew nothin else…

Because they sold you into Hell…

This is what it’s like…

This they couldn’t hide…

Come on out here, boy,
Go and get you some ol’ joy,
Since this is your fight,
Joining up, you know it’s right,
Forget the things you’ll do
And how they’ll ruin you,
How you are not yourself,
Compelled to feed an appetite that won’t
Ever come close to being quelled…

Because the pressure was all too much…

Because your hopes and dreams they crushed…

Now you’re lying on the ground…

No one you loved is anywhere around…

Quench that never-ending thirst,
To satisfy it, you are cursed,
Except it will not leave,
You’re granted no reprieve,
Now your soul will go and burn
Just like those kids (a death is what they earned)…

Do you need anymore?

Do you need this? Sure!

So just pay the price…

So you think it’s nice…


I’m the one in your alleyways
Hanging out by your garbage cans,
Scavenging for what’s left as I
Figure out how I’m going to
Slip away once again so as
Not to meet the gaze of prying eyes…

I’m the one rummaging through
The dumpsters you don’t
Watch, digging around while
You sleep away the darkest
Hours, hiding so many secrets
Under a veil of dark…

I’m the one you glare at
Whilst I walk alone on the streets
At sundown, awkwardly fixated on
Because I’m dressed for weather
That’s as cold as I feel inside…

I’m the one who observes
From under a bridge surrounded by trees,
Listening to the hustle and bustle of your life,
Remembering when you screamed at me today
That I should strive for what you have…

I’m the one you want to catch and kill
Once you saw me out of the corner of your eye,
Getting away again with what you
Believe I shouldn’t’ve, cursing
Me as another scoundrel that
Society forgot to grind into dust…

I’m the one who doesn’t play along
When “more” comes into play,
Demanding why I didn’t put in,
Guilt tripping me as if my conscience would
Care that I wasn’t giving away more than
The absolute bare minimum…

I’m the one who hung out with the
Freaks and misfits you didn’t
Pay attention to as I spewed out
Everything you fear within their
Circles, cheering them on and
Welcoming them, feeling more alive and
Refreshed than I ever did when I was
But one of the fortunate ones…

I’m useless…

I’m hated…

And I’m goddamn proud…


Do you listen to the
Words they write,
Or are you just a meathead
Eager for a soundtrack to your next fight?

Repping shit you clearly
Don’t understand,
An obsession you have with it
Because it makes you feel like a man!

The only thing that gets processed
Is the anger and frustration,
Yet if you read the sheet the words are on,
I imagine you’d think them all worthy of extermination!

Have you ever took the time
To pay attention to these rhymes,
Or is it all just hollow words
You’d otherwise want to persecute and label a crime?

Block it out, ignore it all,
What do you mean a fucking message?

Nothing but a damn brick wall,
Caring nothing for a lyrical assemblage!

I don’t want to think about
What they scream and fucking shout!

Just keep giving me rocking tunes,
So I can rock out with the other dudes!

You’re probably everything they hate!

I’d imagine you’d want them snuffed
For opposing all you consider great!

Twisting the message
To suit your own ends!

In all likelihood,
They’d want you dead!

Don’t pay attention to the words,
Never mind what the fuck it is you just heard,
Just kick back and nod your head to some chords
While they say “screw that!” to everything you stand for!

A skull full of nothing but dead meat,
Hard and solidified like concrete,
Suddenly pissed when you come to realize
They have some thoughts you despise!

Maybe you decide to misinterpret,
Blatantly bypass the wording
And act like you’ve never heard it,
Convinced it means something else
Since I guess reading what’s right there ain’t fucking worth it!


I hate everything that you fucking stand for,
The very embodiment of everything I abhor!

Claiming to know anything about this,
Always trying to hijack it, and it makes me goddamn pissed!

Don’t come here with your bullshit rhetoric,
Laughable nonsense about “blood and soil”!

How the gays and the blacks are evil,
And how we’ll be free through endless toil!

You, too, want to wrap the ligature around Her neck,
Pull hard on her already dying throat!

Contrary to your claims of the opposite,
We all know you, too, want to see Her croak!

Despiser of all things wild and free,
Nothing in common we have, you and me!

Perpetuator of the machine that chokes life itself,
Your desire is to drag all of us into a trap that leads straight into Hell!

I’ll grab that fucking rifle of yours, because to your heart,
A fatal blow must be viciously dealt!

Enemy of freedom, deluded by ghosts that haunt your head,
Taking aim against Nature, it’d be better if you were fucking dead!