I’m aiming at the forehead,
Cutting right to the culmination
Of our ongoing misery,
Getting revenge for all those nearly dead
Via this campaign of esoteric extermination,
These shots will be the truest sounds of liberty!

Packed my shovel just for this occasion,
How long has it been since an attempt this brazen,
Deck this palace with the blood and bone
Of a trio of failures botched right from the get go!

And as the blood drains from the jugular,
Into the void go these three newcomers,
Staining their palaces, the color palette forever changed,
Justified, all of this is; how can you condemn this rage?

Let it be known, this isn’t for you,
My hands didn’t press down on the windpipe
For what you think is “right” or “true”,
Acting alone, I am; only I made the choice to decide!

Where do we go from here
Now that we no longer hear
The roaring sounds of self-righteous jeers,
Burdened no more by conjured-up fears?

Time to drink up; it tastes so good,
How I savor the taste,
Intoxicated there I stood,
Not letting it go to waste!

From these ruins, to which end
Shall my weary feet tread,
Gazing upon all of the dead,
Is there no limit, is infinity
My newfound friend?

O’, I can breathe; o’, what a relief…

And now I stare out into the void,
Chances of a new hope are destroyed,
Undone by my hands with the greatest glee,
No “calm after the storm” into which you can flee,
So don’t question me about an end goal,
Just hold on tight to your very soul…

Nights full of dreams,
Days full of delight…



I’ve been sold this drug
Since time immemorial,
Hopped up on empty promises
And fed guarantees that my dreams won’t be spoiled!

But I’m no longer an addict,
Quite the opposite; as sober as I
Can be, no longer dependent upon
Sweet-tasting malice!

Try to rope me in,
Make me swallow a plethora
Of lies (or else I’ll have sinned!),
Ghosts having fled my head, no longer possessed
By a haunted aura!

The alternative fills me with fear,
Yet what I’ve already tried has left me in shambles,
Broken and beaten, I shiver and shake right here,
So towards that hated thing, I tentatively scramble,
For if I keep on digging deeper,
I’ll be another dead fucking dreamer!

And for whatever reason,
This bitter taste is more soothing,
Perhaps I’m addicted to committing ideological treason
Or I have finally become conscious of what it is I’m consuming,
Relinquishing myself to this harsh beating,
Letting go of what was looming
Where my eyes look up, my shadow and my self it was eating,
Ball and chain finally severed when more of it I stopped producing!

Now I cannot go back
To that place that ironically didn’t contain
All that I lacked,
Unable to be submerged
Deep into that old funerary dirge…

Snake-tongued deceiver takes me under their wing,
Whispering in my ear all that can be,
Guaranteeing for sure all they say they’ll bring,
Meanwhile, draining all that is left of me!


You say that the rambunctiousness
And discord is little else but
Pure, jumbled mania, carnage
Without rhyme nor reason, thus
Violent; these are all true, yet it
Is the meaning of freedom, of being
Unchained, living like wolves
Rather than automatons…

Declare, you do, that the opposite,
That foul imposition of control,
Of symmetry, understandability,
Congruency, sensibility, is the
Real way of things, but outside of the
False constructs, I find this idea to
Be sorely lacking in any
Validity at all…

Pipedreams are required to even gain a
Mere sliver of a chance of fulfilling the
End goal of this inane desire, this utopian
Need for stability, boring and dull stagnation…

Outside of the idiocy of charlatans and frauds,
An individual can gaze all around and find
Zero trace of its alleged existence, for outsiders
Balk at the idea of being steamrolled over for convenience…