If there’s one thing I cannot stand…it’s a lack of creativity, a lack of originality. And if there’s something else I cannot stand, is uniformity. Where are both found? In things concocted for the purposes of massification and machinification, which are always ruthlessly and violently imposed. Because if order isn’t there to be found, then anarchy reigns. Ergo, a lack of control, a lack of a grasp on what would otherwise organically develop without outside influence, a lack of things meddled with, corralled and coerced about as a result of some jackass having “a vision”.

Perhaps where this phenomenon of boring predictability manufactured to keep dullards happy and outcasts, dreamers of the dark and dangerous, sidelined, is most obvious (for those who are just entering the realm of what is dubbed “radical thought”, anyway) and therefore most glaring, most ripe for vicious and savage critiqur, is in regards to most of humanity’s views on gender and sexuality.

Cisgendered, heterosexual society and its standards serve to impose a bland, levelling, conformist, dull, unimaginative mode of existence upon everyone and everything, and despite what its root word, “hetero”, implying difference, may say, it in fact loathes any kind of sexuality or gendered/non-gendered feelings, practices, or experiences that lie outside of its all-too-arrogant norm, proudly proclaiming itself, in the vein of the Abrahamic father who spawned this accursed thing, to be the one truth, the one universal definition of “correct”, “just”, “righteous”, “moral”, etc. Many of those caught in the trap laid by swindlers who constructed the foundations for this disgrace long ago will balk at these notions, saying that it’s all nonsensical ramblings, that it’s really the gays that wish to make everything all the same, and that heterosexuality and being cisgendered are the norm because that is just the way things are, unable to picture much else outside of the stifling reality that has suffocated their minds and hearts from birth, too vapid to even make the attempt to break out of the mold.

Where heterosexuality and cisgendered ideals have really just one option, one supposedly “right” way to live, one possibility, queerness is infinity. It is chaos, a boundless array of possibilities. It can be everything and nothing (I mean these two in the most literal sense), as well as everything in between. It is unbound and unchained, broken loose from all of the fragile fetters that were born from the brains of those frightened by the reality of how things really are (namely, unknowable and unnamable lawlesslessness, pandemonium). Obviously, this conflicts quite heavily with this marauding monster called civilization, which parades around like an abusive, meatheaded drunkard, bashing, maiming, screaming, eating, and crushing everything that dares step in front of its path. Civilization desires, nay, requires, order. It is aroused most fervently by the squashing of dissent, of the fearsome other. Oh, how it shirks in terror at the mere prospect of an other. And so, it must root out any possibility of an other existing to begin with. For an other shows that it is failing, that it can’t ever succeed, and will remain a utopian pipedream for all time.

How dreadful this is, to Leviathan.

Of course, chaos is useless to civilization. All chaos does is seek to break it up, to wither it away, keep it from ever fulfilling its wishes. For chaos is natural, and civilization is very much not natural. Civilization can’t utilize chaos, because chaos, by definition, isn’t able to be bottled up and leashed. It’s never ending, always changing, forever thrashing around and escaping through whatever containment trying to box it in, leaking out and pouring out.

Now, you may ask, what does this have to do with queerness? Dear reader, it’s very simple: queerness, being chaotic, is not at all able to be reconciled with the squarely utilitarian, efficiency-minded mentality of civilization and its supporters. Cisgendered, heterosexual norms serve to keep civilization going, to keep it upright, instead of causing it to fall apart. These two things maintain order and growth, more so when they are actively propagated. Fostering progress, advancement, linear, upward development, and bolster economic activity, property, the circulation and continuation of money, etc. Queerness, if anything, actively rebels against growth and order, especially since (forgive me for stressing this part so much and repeating it) it is chaotic. Makes sense as to why civilization, since its very incarnation, has always been against the queers.

And if the pinnacle of civilization is to be found in the teachings of Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah, which is also, coincidentally (or maybe not coincidentally), a deity that champions heterosexuality and being cis, as well as law and order, progress (called millenarianism/the end of history), mercantilism, economic absurdities, and all kinds of nonsense, then it becomes all too apparent in my eyes why being queer is associated with Lucifer/Satan, the devil, deviancy and insurrection against Jesus and the cop-angels of Heaven.

Something I think queers should actively embrace.

Does it sound conspiratorially minded? A bit kooky, a bit strange? Yeah, I wouldn’t disagree.

But if one really thinks about it…

Am I wrong?



A spirit pervades me, one which does not reflect my appearance. Not in the slightest. Yet, nevertheless, I feel compelled to heed its call. But the consequences of doing so would put my safety at risk. Perhaps lead me to punishments most dire from those who despise how free I truly am.

O’, the feelings that I harbor and suppress…

The whims I wish to indulge in…

Sage-like spirit, how I miss your calls, that I have long since ignored and silenced, for my false sense of security, and false sense of freedom and pride (which eluded me anyhow, and only served to deepen the chasm of misery that grows into my heart, wedging it apart). Please, won’t you come back, to keep me company? I know you are there, even if you are weak and defeated, but still simultaneously so strong and resilient and forgiving. How I hurt for you…

Body and essence both feel a strong urge to play in this realm, this space of unadulterated freedom and absolute liberation, with this wondrous slice of Being supplanted in me, that beckons me to frolic in a space beyond my preconceived notions, and the limitations of my ideals and beliefs.

Yet, it’s all so fearsome and terrifying. This spits in the face of everything I’ve known to be true and real. Declares, with a cackle and a grin, that it is fake, that it is stupid, and that it deserves to be relentlessly mocked and opposed.

However, even now, I am always more than a little excited by its prospects.

Calls sound out from inside, craving that which is of a more “delicate” nature. Passionate, romantic, emotional, mysterious, chaotic, wild, rambunctious…it is what my soul wants and needs. My spirit seeks that which is “tougher”, enamored with the stoic, the orderly, the disciplined, the stubborn and steadfast, the aloof and somewhat. Ringing out loudly in my ears, these wants and needs are wont to do. I, my real I, not some outwardly ordained I/Self, imposed from geists that are neither accept nor am friendly towards, I seek to be both and neither, everything and nothing. Outside of the two way street, while also inhabiting both lanes. Simultaneously negate and affirm infinity and zero, in both directions. The possibilities are truly endless, for I k ow that I was born freed from the prison that wishes to constrict the many who revel in their slavery. But…sadly, I am denied it. All of this. Told to not even think about it. “No, I forbid it!”, the stern voice decrees with a menacing glare and a vicious sneer. Outside forces do not wish for me to revel in my true self. So I must lock away who I really am. Doomed to revolt against that which Nature gifted me with, what it wanted me to regard as a blessing, not as a curse. Maybe even hate it, try to kill it. Choke it and strangle it. And why? Because…I don’t know why. The world wishes it to be so, and I feel obligated to grant it its wish. All because that which I possess, apparently bars me from experiencing this other side. Yet, it isn’t an “other side”, is it? That implies it was unknown to me. A mystery. Separated from my being. Outside of who I was. But it wasn’t. Even now, as I seek desperately to escape it, it’s still there. My tortured soul cries out in anguish for me to listen, to hear it out, to love it and embrace it.

I howl in pain. Aching fills me. Existence becomes a trap, a mechanism of torture, a nightmarish fluke that I cannot seem to be free of, even in death. O’, the pain, the agony, how it fills my veins and bones. Sometimes, it becomes so great, my lungs cannot pump air, and I find myself without breath. All I can think when my gaze falls upon my own Self, is how much I wish I simply were not.

Torn apart, in both body and soul, I seem to be. Many say this is my destiny, how my path is slated to come to a conclusion. But is that really the case? Or is this merely the result of being deemed such a threat, that even those who claim to stand by me will turn their backs and celebrate my demise? If all of this were gone, would I still feel the same way? If I weren’t under attack constantly, and being told to shove it, to close myself up or face a noose, would I still be wanting to walk into my own grave, and lay myself down?

Doubt it.

O’, what I wish I was…and am too afraid to be.



We live in a wicked, wicked world.

One that is at the cusp of a grandiose collapse in which humanity may never be able to recover, condemned to the wastebasket of history, left to rot there for the rest of eternity. Forgotten by its own home, let alone the infinite multitude of stars, planets, and astral dust. Humanity wants to deny life? Very well, it shall. It would appear Homo Sapiens has a suicidal impulse. I say, let it live out its wish.

And who is to blame? Why, humanity itself. The human race is the root cause of the wretched happenings that have plagued the more recent millennia, especially in the past 1 to 2 thousand years. Humanity has helped foster an unlivable, inhospitable, lethal environment for life on this great, wonderful world that we found ourselves on. One that is hostile to life, to the ones who came before us. The flora, the fauna, and their homes. In all of arrogance, as we are, at heart, Homo Hubris, we have deemed it our birthright to rape and pillage and demolish this place, with the utmost hatred and glee.

Therefore, I reject the world of humanity. And I reach out to the others who feel the same way, wherever they may be. I know some are out there. Despairing at the sins of man that lie all around us, fist fucking the planet until it finally keels over and fades into cosmic vapor. Reject humanity, I say; the time has come to no longer count ourselves amongst the legions of man.

Cast aside all of the things that humanity has made for itself, and used to spur on a nihilistic impulse to deny life, to say no to life, to destroy life itself, or at the very least, make it not something chaotic, wonderful, ecstatic, exuberant, violently passionate, but regimented, harrowing, grey, soulless, and suffocating…all of it. Its grotesque civilizations, its masses, its movementarian menaces, its “normalcy”, its need to build new worlds (because, oh so desperately, it cannot stand to live in this one; this one is not good enough, so it must leave it behind, for the demonic Messiah pumped their lethargic minds and hearts with the most inane propaganda), its desperate need to fling itself into the future with reckless abandon (whatever the fuck the “future” means), its rampage of conquest and bitter, foul revenge against Nature, overcome by the Promethean urge to master and dominate our Mother, to usurp Her, and Her children, its rabid concoctions of a miserable, abstract design, which crumble into ash when the first strike hits it, and it is forced to confront the very fragile essence of what it is.

Beware, it shall all try to tempt you back into the fold, even though you want out, eager to break free. Sedate you with narcotics mind-numbing and brain-destroying, rotting you away from the inside out, until your corpse is a bastion of synthetic poison. Too riddled with disgusting products to even touch. Dull your connection to the natural world, by making you feast upon the critters in droves, seeing them not as “pure soul”, as Klages thought them to be, but soulless, as the bastard Descartes would have it; therefore, consuming them without guilt. Purchasing them for your own amusement, even (a most horrid slave trade). Demanding you regard the plants as little else but inanimate objects, novelty items that must be cleared away for more and more (of what? I cannot make heads or tails of it, only that I am repulsed by what may take their place), destroyed when deemed inconvenient, and gobbled up with reckless abandon when the utilitarian mindset deems them worth of their attention (a most grim fate, indeed). Warping your brain into looking at Nature, not as alive, as a living, breathing, thinking, feeling organism that, in all of its vastness, is beautiful and terrifying, wild and peaceful, bloody and tranquil, mesmerizing and macabre, but simply a mechanism, a machine, a system of turning gears and conveyor belts that produces things for the dullards to make use of. Perhaps it shall try to placate, “accept”, in the most shallow and superficial of ways. But do not be seduced by the false tongues, by the promises of windbags and liars. It is only for the mere sake of economic production, anyway. To ramp it up and increase it to new, dizzying heights. And they will lie, saying that one must rely on them, that this monstrosity is needed. Essential, even. A fixture that must be maintained and upheld, fanatically, with the devotion of a cult. Listen not, for it is hogwash.

I invite those who have been deemed “inhuman” by humanity, to stop pining for humanity’s eventual good graces, and leave them to perish in their wake, to fall into obscurity; they shall never come, so why bother? The freaks and queers, harlots and hedonists, incarnations of Lilith and Dionysus, radical, militant ones who remember/live the old pagan ways, and cackling, howling individuals of a satanic inclination, the savage and undomesticated, the vagabonds and homeless, you proud and brave few have been cast aside by man…and so be it. You didn’t need them anyway. Decadent, deviant, degenerate? By their standards, surely. All that can be responded with is, “yes”.

Maintain that individuality which causes friction between you and the monolith, Leviathan. It deems you an enemy? Very well; as Schmitt knew so well, once the distinction has been made, then you have no choice but to decimate that which deems you a threat, an enemy. For to call a detriment to your life a “friend” is a mistake, cowardly, reminiscent of the pitiful Nazarene. Do you want total war? Yes, you want total war. To smite and kill, and show this world your iron will.

Destroy them, destroy them all. We will dance on the ruins whilst rapture overtakes their sacred idols. Not now, not anytime soon, but one day, perhaps. All of these instruments of butchery have expiration dates, and therefore cannot last forever. But this is not a call to rebuild once the wheel has come down to grind us down into a paste. No, we must burn the wheel and hop off of it once and for all.

Annihilation awaits…heed its call…

– T.S.F.

Damned and defiant, til the end of days…reject the anthropic disease and its fetid ways…
Peace is a desire, but war is a fact; leave all smoldering, and nothing intact…
Surrounded by cancer, a devastating blight…this world is so fucked, so let’s end it tonight…
Hate with all your heart; stop their beating hearts, and let the beatings start…
There shall be no peace in Hell…charred bones and seared meat shall be all we smell…
Terrorists and hooligans? Just you fucking wait…
If that’s the image you create of us you ain’t seen nothing yet…What did you think this was a college debate?…


Look at them. Smiles adorning their beautiful faces. Carefree, overtaken by whimsical passion. Taken into the depths of the joyous daze, drunk with that greatest of intoxicants. Possibly the only kind worth succumbing to. Without it, what is there to live for? What is there to die for? It is the only measure of worth. And they have found much worth in each other. As a result, they are free. In the absence of caution, freedom takes root. To disregard means to disobey danger itself. Tell me; who is more free than they?

The kisses and hugs they share, the pleasure felt in each other’s presences, the reverent glances, the need to be close, the nights shared in bed, it is as truthful as anything else that holds up under the hammer taken to the rest of our world in ruins.

Yet, unfortunately, truthfulness and reality are hated. Fantasy and deceit is the order of our day, always.

A love more pure, more genuine, more free, unshackled from expectation, base necessity, or the pressures of hateful, irredeemable monoliths. No “why” or “because” needed to be dictated. It just “was”. It just “is”. And as we all know, the more you build atop a “why”, trying to reinforce it, the more ridiculous it seems. Only what’s natural, what’s without explanation, is real. Again, to disregard, is to disobey danger. All odds seemed stacked against them. Why? I wish I knew. Such harmless folks they are, I’ve often found.

Then again, most of the villains concocted are less disagreeable than we’d like to think. Satan is powerfully sensual, but what he says has truth woven into it, and you want to sympathize to some degree. Plus, who doesn’t love an underdog, a rebel against a conformist, humorless many?

In addition, love is the eternal enemy of the slobbering brute depicted in a centuries-old tome written by Locke and Rousseau’s equally ignorant, wicked counterpart.

Love is the desired meal of its fuming mouth, meant to be churned up in the pit that is its gullet of hate.

Foul curses are howled at them by sniveling vultures, for a multitude of reasons. “What of the making of children?” And I reply: “we don’t need any more of them; brats are overrated, anyhow”. Another common one: “God commands it not to be so!” Oh, yes, God. The father of an Israeli communist agitator? The Romans were right to stamp out their madhouses and unholy gatherings, and to mount their beloved upon a pair of connected tree trunks. I’m more angry they didn’t go far enough. “It’s not natural!” Hmm, but your mechanistic device you constructed yourselves to oppress and subjugate thy own, is? This miserable beast that loathes all, ends all, in effort to resentfully become all? “I’m unhappy, so why should they be?” Pity your contractual binding failed you, leaving you with heartache and hurt. Nevertheless, that was your choice. I’m not sorry for you, not in the least.

Sometimes, they are even punished. Brutalized. Savagely tortured, lynched, beaten, sexually defiled, imprisoned, and everything else you can think of.

Beware, fellow travelers along the lonely road of perpetual heresy, of those who feel an urgent need to discipline. Fear them like the English fear dentists.

All of this outrage, all of this hullabaloo, a great, grand humbug is made, because they are in possession of the same, er…equipment. They chose one half of the biological pair that make existence possible. It just so happened to be the same half that is the same as themselves. Or maybe, they felt uncomfortable in their skin. Sought a change, wishing to switch to the other side. That is all. That is their enormous crime. How something so innocuous causes an uproar, I am befuddled. Democracy requires ever-increasing homogeneity, and the complacent majority loves to terrorize and tyrannize against the adventurous minority

I say, to these iconoclasts, you have my everlasting support. Even if I cannot feel the same passions you, or your detractors, for that matter do, I salute you nonetheless. Do not be tempted by the sweet words of the masquerading pricks. Never give in. Never lose that fire, the one of revolt. A great revolt. Stand proud, stand erect. Be bold and brash. Cave in? Capitulate? No, never! Carry on, wayward sons and daughters. And never strive for peace. Wage your war, always.